Feb 6, 2009

It's Friday!

Oh, the joy of Fridays. I love Friday because I know that the minute the clock strikes 4:59, I am out the door.

Not too many plans this weekend. I am going to see my niece perform in Guys and Dolls this Saturday at the local high school. Then, the rest of the weekend will be dedicated to getting the house organized AGAIN. With 3 boys AND a husband it is hard to stay organized. I am one of those that feels they are spiralling out of control if the house is not in order. I just know that when the house is clean and organized, I feel calmer like I can finally relax. I cannot relax in bed watching tv if clothes are piling up or there is tons of mail cluttering the kitchen counter. I'm not OCD or anything, I just like to be able find things when they need finding. :)

I tested Christopher's BG this morning, and I was happy to see a lower number of 97. I am going to start paying more attention to the things he is eating. One thing he loves is Coke. We buy it from time to time, but I think we will have to substitute Coke Zero. I just know I need to make changes NOW and find better alternatives to the things he likes. we do eat healthy, we have pretty much eliminated eating out on a regular basis. We cook at home. It takes planning, but we have been doing good. It takes lots of trips to the grocery store, but it is well worth the trouble.
Well, have a great weekend!

Feb 5, 2009

What should I do? I'm worried...

I received a note from the teacher stating that my son Chris is always needing to use the restroom. I think they feel he is using that to get out of class for a bit. But Chris has always needed to use the restroom more frequently than my other 2 sons. Apparently, he needed to go twice in a two hour period, that does not sound that outrageous to me.

However knowing that I have diabetes, I know that my kids are at a 30% increased chance of having diabetes compared to kids whose parents do not have diabetes, so I am always on the look out for signs of this. I have tested my husband and all three of my kids to make sure that they are where they should be. Sometimes, when we have eaten the same thing, I will test them to see how my BG compares to that of a "normal" person.

This morning, I decided to test Chris again since I have not for some time. He was fasting and had just woken up. I am concerned because his BG was 114. I know this is not an alarming number, but it seems very high when they diagnose diabetes at 124. My husband and 2 other sons are always in the 80's or low 90's. Is this major cause of concern? My first thought is to schedule an apt. with the dr. and request a glucose tolerance test. I just feel I really need to act now so that 2 or more years down the road, he does not end up with diabets.

Feb 4, 2009


Today is one of those mornings where I pressed the snooze button two times and when the alarm went off for the last time, I did not hear it until 30 minutes later. How in the world could I fall asleep so deeply with the loud BEEP BEEP going off in my ear? Then I remembered I have been fighting off a cold the last few days.
I have not been feeling like myself. This Texas weather is insane. Tee-shirt weather by day and heavy coat weather by night. These swings in our weather here is taking its toll on everyone where I work. My kids are under the weather. It is just a blah time of year.

However, I am thrilled that I am up to 32 pounds lost. I have been following weight watchers for some time now, and it is coming off slowly but surely.

My blood sugars are slowly improving. I have a real problem with my fasting. The rest of the day is pretty under control, but that dawn phenomenon is a mother!

More later...

Jan 29, 2009


This may sound like a ridiculous question, but I still have to ask. What is the best way to stick yourself when giving a shot...in this case for me, it is byetta? Sometimes I do not feel a thing and other times I can feel my skin tearing as it is punctured. I wonder if I am not doing it straight or I am doing it straight and if that even matters. I am just tired of the ones that feel like a little honey bee stung my belly.

Jan 28, 2009

Hello Again!!!!!!!

Hello again everyone out there in the Diabetes Blogosphere! I have not posted in some time for whatever reason or another. But I am back.

Since I blogged last, I've been on 2 fabulous vacations. In June, we went to Disney World with the whole entire family. That was an absolute blast. More recently, in December I got away on a 5 day cruise with the hubby and friends. I don't know about you, but my diabetes control tends to go by the wayside when it comes to vacations. I sleep later, sleep less or sleep more, eat at odd hours, and it all just catches up to me at some point. I try to be good, but it is hard at times.

One very positive thing, I started weight watchers when I got back from the Disney Trip. It is about time that I get the extra junk in the trunk out!!! I am happy to say that I have lost 30 pounds already!! YAY ME!! So I am feeling better and will need some new clothes very soon. I am looking forward to that! I am just amazed at how changing my diet and exercising can make me feel really good. I even adopted a cute pup named Pepper. I will have to get some pics up here soon. She is a boxer/terrier mix and she has a lot of energy. She makes me go walking even during those times when all I want to do is channelsurf on the couch.

May 8, 2008

Byetta and Morning BG's

Well, I have been on Byetta for a few days now and I have been doing good. I am noticing that my appetite is smaller which is a good thing.

Finally, the last 2 mornings I have had wonderful (to me) bg's fasting. Prior to byetta, my fasting numbers have been a bit high ranging from 135-155 on a consistent basis. This would drive me crazy because before bedtime it could be 90 and I would wake up with 150. I think that may be the dawn phenomenon that I have heard of. I don't know. But, The last two mornings I have had a 110. I am pleased with that. I hope with continued exercise and watching my meals will bring it down to 100. 100 is my goal. I just want to have a solid plan that works in managing my diabetes consistently. I am tired of all the troubleshooting! LOL Is that too much to ask?????????

May 6, 2008


I am a positive person and I am doing my best each day to remember to eat healthy, get some daily form of exercise and take my medications/shots etc. to manage this thing. It just gets tiring thinking about everything.
Like for my upcoming trip, I am thinking about, will I have enough medicine for the trip. needles and alcohol swabs for my byetta. will I remember to get it refilled before I go since I will have to start a new pen in the middle of my trip. Also, I need to get a cool pack for it since it can only be between 37-77 degrees. I will be in the Florida heat and I think it will be hotter than 77 at the bottom of my purse. I need to remember to take my UltraSmart Meter.
I actually had the thought of using one of my new freebie meters as a "vacation meter", since I may be more likely to have some bgs out of my desired range and I don't want them to affect my normal day to day ones when I am being good. Certainly don't want the dr. to see those, right?

I know. I'm crazy at times. I'd be fooling no one not even myself. This disease is real and unforgiving. Why would I care about the dr. seeing good results? The A1c don't lie.
That was just a rambling thought running through my mind as I prepare for my Disney trip.
I just wish I could drink orange juice at breakfast and have a regular coke with popcorn at the movies. Just a few simple things...